God is doing awesome things with the youth of our church. God is faithful always.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is essential in the lives of young people today. The youth program of our church focuses on the very solid fundamentals and principles of the Scripture which include praying and fasting. We involve ourselves, quite frequently, in spiritual activities. Young people today need the correct guidance and example even if it contradicts what society tells them, but they also need to feel accepted.

We pride ourselves on being a loving church, as well as a loving and accepting youth group. And we hope that you would join us and allow God to do wonderful things with you...You are the future and God has a plan for you.


The Breakthrough

Every month youth and college-aged individuals from all different backgrounds and churches come together to experience the presence of God breakthrough in their lives and in the lives of those around them.

The vision of The Breakthrough is to allow God to move in our lives through an open worship experience that in turn compels us to reach those that need Him. We welcome all church youth groups and individuals to join us in this vision that will turn Chicago upside down and turn it into a city on it's knees. Check out our Facebook page and our Breakthrough website.